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Pet Portraits

Our animal and bird companions enrich our lives. An original painting is a beautiful way to remember and celebrate cherished pets, past and present.  Whether you are considering a painting of your own animal or bird family member or a pet portrait gift card for someone special, I am always honored to capture the spirit and expression of beloved pets in portrait paintings for an everlasting memory of this special love shared. For further information, booking, sending photo reference or just to say Hi, I look forward to your contact.

*Painting Prices: ~ 8" x 10" for $225. ~ 11" x 14" for $300. ~ 16" x 20" for $400. ~ 20" x 24" for $500.
Other sizes available. Painting may feature more than one pet. For bookings or gift cards, I'll request a 10% deposit via paypal invoice with balance due upon painting completion.
*Shipping is included for gift cards or 8"x 10"s.
With thanks for looking and keeping my artwork in mind, Lisa 


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